Peterborough Cattlemen’s –
          Victoria Beef Farmers Association Stocker Sales

The Peterborough Cattlemen’s and Victoria Beef Farmers are proud to host seasonal stocker calf sales at Kawartha Lakes Community Sale Barn in Woodville, ON. These sales offer high quality locally raised stocker calves to buyers in the area. The entry requirements such as CCIA RFID tagging, castration, and vaccinations for these sales are posted on the respective consignment form available for download as a .pdf on this page. Absolutely no dealer cattle accepted.

Upcoming Stocker Sale Dates:

November 1st, 2023 (Vaccinated Sale)

November 15th, 2023

Click Here to download the .pdf form → Peterborough Cattlemen’s – Victoria Beef Farmers 2023 Fall Stocker Sales Document (Entry Requirements & Consignment Form)

Click here to download the InfoLink Card for regular sales

Coming from Allan Francis for the November 1st, 2023 sale: 6 steers and 5 heifers, ranging from January born to May. Charolais herd, all castrated and dehorned as week old calves. Calves needled with Covexin 8 before going to grass, whole herd Ivomec at same time. Cows needled with Triangle 10 every year. (see two pictures below)




 Sales Highlights from November 16th, 2022


Sale Highlights from the Peterborough Cattlemen/ Victoria Beef Farmer’s 
A good offering of stockers sold actively.
*5 Char Strs @ 597lbs for 286.00cwt!
*3 Char Strs @ 680lbs for 258.00cwt!
*5 Char Strs @ 702lbs for 258.50cwt!
*5 Char Strs @ 605lbs for 285.00cwt!
*9 Char Strs @ 560lbs for 281.00cwt!
*9 Limo X Strs @ 486lbs for 285.00cwt!
*9 Char Strs @ 612lbs for 275.00cwt!
*15 Red Strs @ 604lbs for 249.00cwt!
* 5 White Strs @ 457lbs for 317.50cwt!
* 5 White Strs @ 588lbs for 282.00cwt!
* 7 Char Strs @ 493lbs for 270.00cwt!
*15 Char Strs @ 484lbs for 282.50cwt!
* 7 Char Strs @ 493lbs for 257.00cwt!
*13 Blk Hfrs @ 577lbs for 232.00cwt!
*12 Herefords @ 900lbs for 244.00cwt!
*16 Char Hfrs @ 841lbs for 244.50cwt!
*11 Simm Hfrs @ 738lbs for 242.50cwt!



The Peterborough Cattlemen/Victoria Beef Farmers would like to thank all of you who participated in our four stocker sales at the Kawartha Lakes Community Sale Barn in 2022.  It was a pleasure to work with you in promoting our local calves in our sales to all of our buyers. We encourage you to send your pictures or videos of your calves and we will promote them on this website as well as on the Kawartha Lakes Sale Barn homepage. or cell 705 934 4004. We wish you all the best in 2022.

November 2021 Sales Archive:

Thank you to the buyers, bidders, consignors, and the Kawartha Lakes Community Sale Barn for two very successful sales on November 3rd and November 17th, 2021. Your support of the local Peterborough and Victoria beef farmers is greatly appreciated.

Peterborough Cattlemen’s & Victoria Beef Farmers Vaccinated Stocker Sale Highlights from November 3rd/21:

An exceptional offering of vaccinated stockers sold actively with lots of buyer interest. 

*4 Char Strs x 674 lbs @ 223.00cwt!

*5 Char Hfrs x 561 lbs @ 213.00cwt!

*7 Char Strs x 630 lbs @ 231.00cwt!

*8 Char Strs x 700 lbs @  205.00cwt!

*3 Black Strs x 535 lbs @ 244.00cwt!

*3 Char Strs x 868 lbs @ 193.00cwt!

*6 Char Hfrs x 642 lbs @ 191.00cwt!

*2 Char Strs x 420 lbs @ 290.00cwt!

*1 Black Str x 415 lbs @ 290.00cwt!

*17 Char Strs x 491 lbs @ 263.00cwt!

Peterborough Cattlemen’s & Victoria Beef Farmers Vaccinated Stocker Sale Highlights from November 17th/21:

614 Stockers Sold

Good quality vaccinated stockers sold actively on a good demand. Non-vaccinated and second cut cattle sold under pressure. 

13 Char Strs x 920 lbs x 198.50cwt!

4 Limo Hfrs x 481 lbs x 219.50cwt!

10 Char Strs x 851 lbs x 196.50cwt!

6 Char Strs x 770 lbs x 196.50cwt!

1 Char Str x 475 lbs x 276.00cwt!

2 Char Strs x 772 lbs x 193.00cwt!


Sales Committee contacts are listed below.

Jim King
705 374 4004

Wayne Telford
705 292 9531

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